About Suzanne


Suzanne Dekyvere, The Dressing Coach, believes that acquiring personal styling prowess begins with an in-depth examination of who we really are.

After a successful career in the corporate sector, Suzanne was accredited in 2000 by the Association of Image Consultants International—the leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide. Now, she is instrumental in training the next generation of stylists through her longstanding connection with the Definitive Colour and Style Institute.


over 22 years of fashion expertise.

Over the years, Suzanne has enjoyed the honour of presenting multiple educational sessions for stylists at bestselling fashion and style author, Brenda Kinsel's, marketing retreats in San Francisco, as well as developing and presenting educational content for the Federation of Image Professionals International (London). Closer to home, she has been called upon to share her expertise with more than 30 Australian organisations such as Ernst & Young, Australia Post and Monash University, lent her expertise to the Image Innovators (formerly The Australian Image Company) and spent over a decade volunteering with Fitted For Work—a not-for-profit dedicated to helping women experiencing disadvantage to regain their confidence and secure and maintain employment.

Suzanne has contributed her knowledge to many news features in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Courier Mail among others.

Caring, personable and convivial, Suzanne’s love of connecting with people, and elevating personal styling from worrisome to wonderous, is evident in everything she approaches.


My Vision

Suzanne demystifies personal styling to replace trepidation, confusion and stasis with enjoyment, confidence and acumen.

My Values


Ethical fashion, or slow fashion, advocates buying fewer garments, of higher quality, from brands who treat people, animals and the environment with respect. Suzanne takes this concept further, assisting clients to creatively style their existing wardrobes.


Empathy begins with listening. Where others lead with their expertise, Suzanne leads with curiosity, forming a deep understanding of her clients. From here, she is able to offer meaningful pathways to their desired outcomes.


Rather than providing instruction, Suzanne guides and educates, sharing the knowledge she has accumulated over the course of her career. It is through this generosity that clients are able to grow in confidence and acumen.


Personal styling should be enjoyable. As children, we were all able to find pleasure in dressing up. As adults, doubt creeps in. Once demystified, the process can be joyous once more.

Suzanne's Mission

Leading with curiosity and empathy, Suzanne delivers a process-driven, bespoke education experience enabling clients to define their identity and intention and express themselves through personal styling.



I feel more empowered than ever...

“I LOVE Suzanne’s styling! Between having my colours done and a personal shopping experience, I feel more empowered than ever to dress myself with style - for the stage and my personal life — while being comfortable in my skin and clothes. Suzanne helped me to recapture my joy with fashion and her consulting has saved me thousands of dollars as I never buy clothes I don’t love anymore. Time with her is an invaluable investment. Thank you!”

- Emily G

I would recommend you invite Suzanne into your influencing circle...

“First impressions tend to be pretty important for people in general. Suzanne is one of those people you meet and get an amazing first impression by virtue of her intelligence, grace, and both intellectual and emotional intelligence she brings to a conversation. I would recommend you invite Suzanne into your influencing circle and you will see how she will shift your frame of mind through her creativity and experience.”

- Laurice T

I went shopping last weekend and had so much success!

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to say that I went shopping last weekend and had so much success! It was the easiest shopping trip I’ve ever been on — I could quickly pick the shops that didn’t have anything to offer me, and found some lovely new (colorful!) clothes. I disregarded the things that didn’t feel quite right in the change room, and considered some alterations for other garments that were close to the mark but not quite spot on. I think my husband was very impressed that I achieved so much in such a short space of time!“

- Abbey G

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    The Identity Meets Intention Capsule Collection of services guides you away from the disenchantment of personal styling, and towards confidence and fulfilment. During an informal 20-minute Zoom session, we will discuss your challenges, and the styling outcomes you seek, to determine which combinations of Capsules are best suited.