Identity Meets Intention

Capsule Collection


The Identity Meets Intention Capsule Collection of services guides you away from the disenchantment of personal styling, and towards confidence and fulfillment, through a pleasurable process of examination, understanding and implementation.

Changes in lifestyle, age, career or relationships—or simply reaching for the next stage in life—can result in an identity impasse, and while we can intuit a problem, a solution is challenging to decipher. Suzanne attracts clients who want more than superficial solutions and typical trends.

Excellence can rarely be achieved in isolation. Seeking expertise and assistance are fundamental to success. Learning is key and demystification, essential. Almost every ability we possess has either been learned or honed. Fashion styling is far from intrinsic, the fundamentals are logical, learnable and enjoyable.


Capsule 1.

Essence Establishment

This capsule is designed to establish who you truly are, through a highly structured and enjoyable process of discovery. During a 2-hour session, Suzanne utilises psychology principles, survey-style questions and detailed preference matching methods to create an inventory of personality traits, comfort levels and lifestyle considerations, unearthing and defining your essence. Far from instructional, this capsule is led by curiosity. Where some may seek to shape their clients, Suzanne prizes understanding, respects individuality and defers to core values. This deep understanding of self leads into Capsule 2, Intent Engagement.


Capsule 2.

Intent Engagement

Once your essence has been established, it’s time to examine where you are in life and where you wish to go. This capsule explores the tangible goals you are striving for. These may centre on personal growth, self-care, confidence and image-building, or be career-focused. Whether you are seeking a promotion, business success or a chance at romantic fulfillment, it is in this additional 2-hour session that we explicitly define what you are striving for. This clear understanding of intent, along with Essence Establishment, underpins your styling direction.


Capsule 3.

Colour Decoding

Taken as a standalone, or as part of a collection, this capsule demystifies the effect that colour has on our presentation and mood. Taking into account your physical appearance and personal preferences, Suzanne will guide you on making colour work for you. Whether outlining the “rules” or educating you on how to break them, this is a pleasurable process of discovery that will aid you in understanding and elevating your style choices.


Capsule 4.

Aesthetic Assessment

Aligning with the knowledge garnered during Essence Establishment, this capsule illuminates how to bring your personal style to life. This is where we define which physical attributes you want to highlight, and which elements you wish to downplay. Grounded in measurable theory, you will learn how to independently appraise garments, establish what will flatter you, or diagnose and solve problematic pieces. It is also here that you will acquire the acumen to extract the full benefit from your existing wardrobe and make thoughtful and valuable purchases.


Capsule 5.

Closet Consolidation

For those who require more experiential learning, this add-on capsule invites Suzanne into your closet to appraise and consolidate your clothing and accessories. By critically evaluating the merit of each piece, you will establish a personal collection in which everything is useful and wearable. A collaborative and enjoyable process, you will acquire the confidence and acumen required to utilise your existing collection in fresh and pleasing ways. If required, Suzanne can compile a list of staple or statement pieces to elevate your image and bridge any gaps that may have been discovered.

Capsule 6.

Ensemble Assembly

When new acquisitions are needed, Suzanne is here to guide you. Whether you wish to create a foundational collection of clothing and accessories that reflect your newly defined essence and intention, or you have an upcoming event of the utmost importance, Suzanne will welcome you into the trusted circle of designers and retailers who align with her advocacy of slow, artisanal fashion. By assembling pieces of great style, quality and timelessness, your ensembles will elicit pleasure and build confidence that stands the test of time.


The Capsule Collection


The Identity Meets Intention Capsule Collection of services guides you away from the disenchantment of personal styling, and towards confidence and fulfilment. During an informal 20-minute Zoom session, we will discuss your challenges, and the styling outcomes you seek, to determine which combinations of Capsules are best suited.

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